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Twin Arts are concerned, as an educational trust, with furthering the enjoyment of music and dance and have a special interest in all students including arts education for students with learning difficulties. An event on SUNDAY 3rd DEC 2000 produced by the 'Southern Lights Centre',in Greendale, Harare.

In the garden, at night, Paddy Pacey read her description of the creation of the universe, from the big bang (and it was one!) to the present day, her voice was a sound score with extra effects added by Jules Keogh. The students aged from 9 to 16yrs choreographed a series of events and games inspired by the score, thematically exemplified by 'the spiral', with Viv Hamblin.

The backdrop illustrated the sound score as a time line showing the 'miniscule moment of mankind' in relation to the life of the universe. The final section was The Council of All Being, introduced by Gaia (Bev Reeler), encirlcing the audience each member of the school pleaded for the continuance of life on earth, from the point of view of an individual species or ecosystem threatened by pollution and ill consideration of our place in the world.

" if the time that humans have been on the earth is represented by 24 2 minutes to midnight, we are building cities and temples and observatories to chart the stars. The tempo of our development changes.......... ...6 secs ago Buddha and Christ made their respective appearances. And in the last few microseconds our technological inventions have included flight, space travel and nuclear weapons!"

The Dancers

This was a real community dance event, having the possibility of including contributions from everyone, underlining the importance of working together and that it was the involvment of imagination in the process, not just the product that counted. Return to top


Stephen as a Cheetah

"I am a Cheetah, I may be fast but not fast enough to out run a bullet, humans have a thing called WWF, it protects us. I like and hate humans".