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DANCE PEOPLE in 7 Arts HIFA 1999
with live music by the Elastic Band


Having performed as "Women in Dance" for a year the company returned to it's former name for HIFA 1999

Artistic Director: Viv Hamblin
Musical Director: Chris Hamblin

Trophy awarded to DANCE PEOPLE by Munn Publishing for the "best production by a local group in HIFA 1999"

Okavango II - The Birds Revisited (35mins)

Choreography - Vivienne Hamblin
Music arranged for Elastic Band by Chris Hamblin
Dancers - Anna, Koshi, Maylene, Megan, Anna, Wilson, Leah
Puppeteers - Brighton, Dhashana, Kate

'Okavango' - was premiered in 1982 with students from Goldsmith's College. Later revised for GLAA Dance Festival, Tangram Dance Co., Zurich, and the National Ballet of Zimbabwe's Mid Summers production in Harare Gardens Park 1983. It was about 'looking' at large birds landing and taking off on the river at Maun, set to a Tabla 10 beat cycle. Okavango II adds change, rumour has it that 17 years later, the river no longer reaches Maun. Sometimes change is sudden other times barely perceptible.
The dance is made in episodes, a series of events:
1) Okavango I
2) Secretary Birds
3) Ostriches
4) Storks
5) Slow, Medium and Jongwe
6) Soaring
7) Down to the land
8) The light pools
9) Lament - Anna Morris

MUSIC: Explores the texture of Classical Indian Tabla & Jembe, some of the 52 fragments in 'Minimalist' composer Terry Rielly's "In C" (1964) & passes through Handel's "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" (perhaps now by 4X4 at Maun?).

Between Friends

Choreography - Wilson Phiri
Music "Hard Luck Stories" by Richard & Linda Thompson ('76)
Sung by Chris Hamblin with Elastic Band
Dancers - Wilson, Koshi, Austin, Brighton, Anna, Yasuyo, Dharshana


Choreography - Patricia Whittock, adapted by Vivienne Hamblin.
Music - Angela Mushore-De Bie. This is a free improvisation on a composition for Baritone by Priya Rainier. Based on a 'meditation' by the English metaphysical poet John Donne. Including excerpts: 'for whom the bell tolls…' and 'no man is an island...'.
Dancers - Anna, Dhashana, Megan and Yasuyo

"I wish to dedicate this programme to my sister Maggie and to the life of her
partner Dr David Webster, Wits Lecturer in Anthropology and Anti Apartheid
Activist. He was committed to helping others voice their concerns - Human
Rights Activists, Detainees Parents Support Committee, and Political Prisoners
Hunger Strikers and artist performers. Shot by CCB outside Maggie's house
in Jo'burg, 1st May '89, the day after we arrived to live in Zimbabwe, 10
years ago today". Viv.

The Deserter (premier performance)

Choreography - Vivienne Hamblin.
Music a song by John Richards
Sung by Chris Hamblin and Elastic Band.
Dancers - Austin, Wilson, Maylene, Kosh, Yasuyo, Dhashana, Megan, Brighton

The Water Spirit, Njusu

Choreography by Anna Morris
Music arranged by Elinore Morris - mbira and Anna Morris - Hosho and
Elastic Band: Chris - Chipendani & mbira, Paul - Jembe, Angus & Guybon - SeaShells with thanks to 'Inlet's' by John Cage), Angela "Diva" De Bie.
Dancers - Koshi, Wilson, Yasuyo, Maylene, Brighton, Austin & Dhashana
Costumes - Mary Morris

" A Shona belief that when possessed of a "Water Spirit' (Njuzu) one must not stray close to water lest the njuzu pull you under. if your family cries, the njuzu will drown you, but if they celebrate, you will next day leave the water with all you require to become a great nhanga".

Music Vocals: Angela Mashure-De Bie & Chris Hamblin
"Rock-a-ma-soul is the Irish Washerwoman !!!". Ewan Mcoll pointed out the melodic similarity, Elastic Band do it in 7/8, 6/8 then Athol Highlanders and Drowsy Maggie.


Artistic Director: Viv Hamblin

Anna Morris, Wilson Phiri*,
Yasuyo Oki, Koshiwayi Sabuniti*,
Maylene Chejerai*, Leah Matereke*,
Brighton Chinyama*, Dharshana Jogi,
Megan Allardice, Austin Sydney*
Guest artist Katie Rundell and Ostrich
*Currently studying on National Ballet Dance
Foundation Course

Light Designer for Dance People: Dr Peter Rundell
Press Officer: Megan Allardice

Elastic Band HIFA 1999

Chris Hamblin Violin/Tabla/Vocals
...Mbira/Balloon & Chipendani
Bruce Vaughan Violin
Paul Roditi Guitar/Vocals& Djembe
Guybon Berry Flute & Keyboards
Anthony Dyke Bodhran
Elinore Morris Double Bass/Mbira
Angus Wakeling Violin, Shells & Water (Njuzu)
Bruce Cartwright on the soundmixboard

Sound Engineering for 7 Arts Jono Craig.

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The digitally manipulated images on this page by Chris Hamblin were made from photos taken by Jack Clark. An installation of these images was made in the foyer of 7 Arts Theatre called "Images of Dance People".